Ligh+house Church  

Shining hope and the love of God together

We are collecting silver coins (apart from 5 pence pieces) for the Bolivian child we are supporting through school. The total so far is £163.90. We will let you know what this is spent on as soon as we can!

Well done to all who have contributed! 

This area is without doubt one of the most beautiful, inspiring and unspoiled areas in the world. People leave their world of stress and strain to drink in the soul refreshing scenery. Yet behind all this, shining through,  is the glory of our Creator God.


He refreshes, restores and redeems the lives of those who trust in Him. His desire is to gather and love a people who will be changed into the image of Jesus and bless those around them.

Welcome to Church in 2018!          We think you will love it.